RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Windows Share

For Windows-based networks, a Windows file share can be used to provide a common location for files.


This requires setting up an Identity Bridge to complete.Identity Bridge

Table 11. Windows File Share Fields




Give the file share an accurate name.


Choose an icon from the icon library or upload one.


To activate this file share, change the drop-down to Active.

Share Type

Defaults to Windows Share. From here, you can still change the File Share type and alter the menu to one of the other share types.

UNC Path

Provide the UNC Path needed to access the share.

Share Username

Enter the username that RapidIdentity is to use when accessing the file share.

Share Password

Enter the password associated with the username for RapidIdentity to use.

Access Control

Choose whether to filter access for this file share by Role, by Attribute, or not at all. Review the Configuration Module Interface Overview to configure RBAC or ABAC module visibility.