RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide


The Whitepages delegation allows users to explore the organization directory and obtain predetermined demographic information. Configuration determines whether Whitepages pre-loads all information automatically. If pre-load does not occur automatically, Search above to see results displays until a user does a specific or wildcard search.

Users can search the Whitepages by entering any of the pre-configured attributes displayed (i.e. Last Name, First Name, User ID, etc.) into the Search bar and pressing Enter or clicking Search. Users with permissions may also edit user attributes.


The system does not automatically do partial matching. The wildcard character (asterisk - *) used alone must be used to denote that this is a partial search if desired.

To return all, add an asterisk to the inquiry.

The list of results display in the center of the screen and can be filtered by first name, last name, email, or username.

Once a user is selected, the right side of the interface displays the visible demographic information.