RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Update Form

Use the Update Form action to alter the values in one of the Forms associated with the Workflow.

Table 38. Update Form Menu Fields




Enter a name for the Update Form action.


Provide an optional description.

Previous Action

This is a read-only reference field that displays which action will happen immediately before this one in the workflow.

Next Action

Choose the action to perform next after the Update Form action has resolved.

Form Update Rule [#]

These rule groups organize the Form Update actions that are being performed during this step. Each rule group contains five variables to configure, as explained below.

To add another rule group, simply click Add Rule at the bottom of the sidebar. Another rule group will display for configuration with the same variables as the previous.


Two rule groups cannot perform an action on the same form item. For example, you cannot configure two Form Update rules to both update the same checkbox.


Choose the Workflow form that contains the form item to be updated.

Form Item

Choose the form item to be updated from the drop-down list populated by the Form field.

Form Item Value

Enter the new item value that should be entered into the form as a result of this action.


This can be a workflow expression, meaning that the value put into the form will be dynamic. Static values can be entered using a specific format depending on Form Item:

  • Checkbox values: true or false

  • Date Picker values: yyyy-MM-dd

  • Dropdown values: Enter a valid value for this field

  • File Attachment values: Not currently supported for overrides

  • Input Field values: Enter a string to use as a value for this field

Allow Blank Values

Click this checkbox if a workflow expression is expected to return a value to this field that can be blank.


If Overwrite Existing Values is set to true and expects a value that can return as blank, this should be active.

Overwrite Existing Values

Click this checkbox if the value being entered can overwrite the value that already exists in the workflow's form.