RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Studio Metaverse Settings

The Metaverse area is a configuration section that allows users with the Studio Admin role to manage record definitions stored in the Metaverse namespace. This is what provides the fine-tuning between Provider imports and Consumer exports so that the system can translate between one and the other successfully and efficiently for future jobs.


To access a Record Definition's settings, click the Details button in its rightmost column.


This button displays upon selecting the line item or hovering your cursor over that row's rightmost column.

Add Record Definitions

The Record Definitions in Metaverse can be viewed and, in some cases, altered to provide a more customized fit for the environment. New Record Definitions can also be added. The sections are the same for each menu, but the ability to alter the definitions after creation will vary.


The only change that can be made to Built-In Record Definitions is to add Field Definitions. Existing Record Definition details or their associated Field Definition details cannot be altered.

General Settings

The General Settings define the Name, Description, and Supertype as displayed in the main Record Definitions menu.

Table 31. Metaverse - General Settings Inputs

Field Name



(Required) Enter a name to use for the record definition. This will be its name and reference label throughout the system


(Required) The record definition from which the new record definition inherits its types. This dropdown contains the other record definitions available in the Metaverse namespace


Enter a brief description to show the purpose of this record definition that will display on the main menu


If you click Save before continuing to the next section, you will be returned to the main menu and will need to access the record definition through its Details menu to access Field Definitions.

Field Definitions

The Field Definitions menu will initially be blank on a new record definition, but new ones can be defined and added here. Existing ones can be altered from the Details menu as long as they aren't Built-In. These behave identically to those found in Consumer or Provider Applications.



Remember to Save once all inputs have been populated.

Once the Metaverse record definitions and field definitions have been configured, run a Template Job with associated definitions to process the changes.