RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Sponsored Accounts

The RapidIdentity People Module Sponsored Accounts interface is a system an organization's Sponsors can use to manage special user account life cycles.

A special user account is an account that must be managed outside of an authoritative system (e.g. HRMS).

Common Sponsored accounts can include contractors, interns, visitors, and volunteers.

Sponsors have five management privileges that show up in the Action bar once a sponsored account is selected.

  1. Edit accounts

  2. Transfer accounts to another Sponsor

  3. Expire accounts

  4. Certify accounts (extend the expiration)

  5. Delete accounts

If a user is a Sponsor's manager, the user can perform Sponsor account actions for any of their sponsored accounts.

Administrators can designate a group of users as Sponsorship Module Administrators also.

Once sponsored accounts are set up, an administrator will still need to create an additional Delegation for managing certain aspects of sponsored accounts. For examples, the Sponsored Account delegation does not provide an action to reset a sponsored user's password. Create a delegation that displays sponsored account in order to provide that level of functionality.