RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

The RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide provides step-by-step instructions for common procedures that Users of all levels may encounter within RapidIdentity. For a more in-depth, granular look at the system, take a look through our Product Guide.

  • Administrators are responsible for the functionality of a system, a department, a network, security, or any other main element of the daily operations and have permissions to menus and settings that Users cannot access.

  • Users navigate and interact with the system in order to perform tasks associated with their functional role. Some Users may have elevated permissions to allow them to perform tasks that assist others, but will not have access to more of the in-depth system settings.


We have also separated certain topics into Quick Reference Cards, or QRCs, that can be printed out and displayed at a physical location where that particular procedure is commonly performed. These are labeled as QRC at the beginning of each applicable topic within this guide.

Identity Automation strives to keep our documentation accurate and up to date. If there is an issue that you need help with that is not answered in this guide or a documented topic does not work for you, please contact support@idauto.net.

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