RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

QRC - Sponsor a User

Once logged into RapidIdentity via a web browser: https://<your-host-name>, follow the steps below to create a sponsored user account.

1. Click on the Add Person button in the People module

2. Enter the appropriate identifier fields. Note: First and last name are required fields.


3. If the Preload Sponsor* setting is enabled, the Sponsor name will default to the user who is signed in. The Sponsor name can be changed or added by beginning to type the appropriate name and selecting it from the populated list.

4. Enter the Expiration Date** for the sponsored user. This can be extended at a later time. Click Create to finalize the process.



*To automatically populate the Sponsor field with the logged-in user, ensure the Preload Sponsors checkbox is selected in the Sponsorship Settings.

**Some fields can be set to be required in the Sponsorship Settings. Examples include: Email and Expiration Date.