RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

QRC - Print User's QR Codes

Once logged into RapidIdentity via a web browser: https://<your-host-name>, follow the steps below to reset a user's password.

1. Select the People module from the top navigation drop down.

2. Select the appropriate Delegation from the left navigation panel.


3. Select the user from the list and select QR Code from the bottom navigation.


Click on the Vertical Ellipsis icon (Verticle_Elipsis.png) to view more options.

4. Click the Secure radio button to print QR Codes based on both the user's username and password or the Insecure radio button to print QR Codes based on the user's username only. Then, click View.


Insecure QR Codes require Insecure QR ID Scans to be Enabled on the associated authentication policy.


5. Make adjustments to the width and height, if needed.

Print the QR Codes that display in the new browser tab.