RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

QRC - Prerequisites to Configure Sponsored Accounts

There are several configuration considerations that must be completed prior to enabling authorized users to sponsor an account. After the system roles for Sponsorship Admin and Sponsorship Sponsor have been configured, complete these additional prerequisites.

1. Access the general Sponsorship Settings.

2. On the General tab, ensure sponsored accounts are enabled in the appropriate OU.

a. Set the Placement container DN as "OU, DC, DC, "and complete the Uniqueness Container DN and Sponsored Account Search Base DN. Click the browse icon to open the LDAP Container.

b. Set Require Email Address = "True."

c. Set the User Object Naming Prefix.


3. On the Attributes Tab, set the Use User Name in Duplicate Matching Filter to "True." Click Save.

4. Populate Email addresses for authorized users to sponsor an account. For the Email Attribute, "Allow Editing" and select to "Show in List" using Delegations in My Profile accessed using the People module. Click Update.



Additional Considerations:

  • Add users to the Sponsored Account roles and ensure the settings are synchronized in the Roles module.

  • Set the Password Policy Manager to use a role-based policy for Sponsored Accounts and the Sponsored Account Password Policy.

  • In the Active Directory Users and Computers Attribute Editor Properties, check the date start and end dates for the user.

  • Set up Appliance SMTP configurations.

  • Additional custom attributes can be configured for the sponsored accounts using Settings> Sponsorship Attributes.Sponsorship Attributes