RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

QRC - Access an Application

Once logged into RapidIdentity via a web browser: https://<your-host-name>, follow the steps below to sign in to an application.


The required application must be set up in RapidIdentity, and your role defines which applications you have access to. You will also need the RapidIdentity Browser Plugin for your browser pre-installed.

1. Click the Application card in the Bookmarks section of the Dashboard.


2. If the Application you need is not listed in the Dashboard, go to the Applications module from the drop-down menu (or click "See All Applications" at the top of the Bookmarks menu.

3. Under My Applications, locate the application you would like to add to the Bookmarks menu on the Dashboard. Click the Bookmark icon on that application's card from List view or Grid view. The application is successfully bookmarked when the icon is solid red (Example_Bookmark.jpg).



Applications can also be launched directly from the Applications menu if desired; simply click the Launch button that appears on hover in either view.

4. Now the application will be listed next time you go to the Dashboard.



Upon a new user's first login, all applications available to the user will be bookmarked and displayed on their Dashboard. Once the user makes changes to the bookmarks, subsequent logins will reflect the saved changes.