RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Other Profiles

The Other Profiles delegation allows users with administrative privileges to administer any account visible to RapidIdentity Portal to the level decided by the RapidIdentity Portal Administrator. Its functionality is to apply actions to users is identical to the My Team Profiles. Users having access to this delegation can also print or export their results.

Depending on the configuration, users may have the ability to Edit Profile, Change Challenge Responses, Enable, Disable, and Unlock. The RapidIdentity Portal Administrator can determine if users can Print or Export data.

Any delegation can be configured to preload all results by checking the box located in the Details section of each delegation.

To find the desired account to administer, enter the User's Login ID, Last Name, First Name or Email Address into the search back and click Search. If the asterisk (*) is entered into the search bar, upon clicking "Enter" or "Search," all users that match the Source Attribute ACL LDAP filter will populate.

Click the Details hover button in the right column to view or edit a user's account as allowed by the current configuration.