RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

My Team Profiles

The People module's My Team Profiles delegation allows managers and team leaders to view and maintain the access of their team members and direct reports. Managers and team leaders have the following options.


If you are using Identity Bridge to connect to Active Directory, the Disable, Enable, or Change Password actions will have 1 minute of lag time between when you disable the account and when the settings take effect to RapidIdentity and other related programs. This is due to the Identity Bridge sync process happening at least every 1 minute.

For on-premise RapidIdentity installations, these actions will be instantaneous.

  1. Change Password

  2. Reset Challenge Responses

  3. Enable, Disable, or Unlock an account

  4. Other People Actions as defined by a system administrator

For users that do not have direct reports or team members, the My Team Profiles will not display any team members; consequently, the options described immediately above will not be available.

The Profile Actions allow users with direct reports to take action on them. Administrators determine which action (e.g. Change Password, Disable) a user with direct reports can take.

Finally, users with direct reports can choose to export their search results to a CSV file by clicking Export results or print their results by clicking Print.