RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Create an Authentication Policy

RapidIdentity makes it possible to:

  • Create an Authentication Policy that includes multiple methods or steps, presented in any desired order, to authenticate users

  • Assign an Authentication Policy as many or as few users or user groups as needed

  • Schedule an Authentication Policy to only be active during a certain time period

  • Prioritize Authentication Policies to specify the order they are offered to users who are assigned more than one

To create an Authentication Policy, navigate to Configuration > Policies > Authentication.


The resulting screen will look something like this:


If no policies have been defined, click the Add Authentication Policy button (not shown here) in the upper right of the screen. If at least one policy has already been defined, click the + symbol at the bottom of the list of existing policies.

Basic Instructions

As there are several different authentication methods to choose, this procedure will initially cover only the bare-bones steps needed to successfully create an Authentication Policy in RapidIdentity. The different policy methods will be discussed individually later in this section.

  1. Give the policy a name and a description in the General tab.

  2. Enter the specific criteria that are to apply to the policy in the Criteria tab.

  3. In the Authentication Methods tab, click the desired method and activate the Enabled checkbox. Depending on the method chosen, there will be other options that can be configured here as well.

  4. When all settings have been configured, click Save at the bottom right of the window.

Specific Instructions

A more in-depth Example Authentication Policy is provided at the end of this section.