RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Create a Workflow

Workflows enable organizations to automate and orchestrate processes to create and manage identities and their access to connected resources. With RapidIdentity Workflows, Administrators can quickly configure automated paths for managing access to resources such as entitlements, triggered by system events, user requests, or other events using RapidIdentity's intuitive visual user interface. With RapidIdentity, organizations have total control over which resources can be accessed, who can request access, and who can approve requests. Completed workflows can trigger additional actions including automatically provisioning, de-provisioning, or changing entitlement access.

To access Workflows, navigate to the Requests module, then click to the Workflows menu.

  1. An SMTP server must be configured if the Send Email or Ask Approval actions are used.

  2. Workflows are executed when a User Requests an Entitlement. After creating a workflow, create a corresponding Entitlement that users can request; this entitlement will execute the workflow.