RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Create a Challenge Policy

The Challenge Policy allows administrators to define Challenge Questions and Restricted Answers along with allowing users to define their own Challenge Questions and Answers. Administrators can determine the numbers of questions required to answer, both in terms of administrator-defined questions and user-defined questions.

Follow these steps to create a Challenge Policy:

  1. Log into RapidIdentity via a web browser: https://[your-host-name]

  2. Select the Configuration module from the top navigation drop down.

  3. Select the Challenge link within the Policies section.

  4. Fill out the appropriate fields in the General tab:



    To create a new policy, click on the plus button (plus.png) below the policy list first.

    1. Enter a name and description for the challenge policy in the Name and Description input areas.

    2. Check the Enabled check box.

    3. If this is the only challenge policy, or if you want this challenge policy as the default, check the Default Policy check box.

  5. Fill out the appropriate fields in the Questions tab:

    1. Establish the number of questions to ask at Setup and Login.

    2. Choose and arrange the Questions to Ask.

    3. Define the minimum and maximum length of an acceptable answer in the Answer Length fields.

  6. Fill out the appropriate fields in the Restricted Answers tab: (Optional)

    1. Define any restrictions that may apply.

  7. Click Save.

See Challenge Policy for details pertaining to each field.