RapidIdentity Administrators' and Users' Guide

Connect (Advanced) Action

Use this feature to run an advanced action set through Connect. An Advanced Connect Action Set generates output results to be consumed by a subsequent expression within the workflow, and must be configured before the workflow can contain it.

An Advanced Connect Action Set is expected to return a valid JSON string; the workflow engine parses this JSON and makes the key/value pairs required later in the workflow.


If Connect returns {"key1":"value1","key2":"value2"}, the values can be used in workflow expressions in subsequent workflow actions. For example %{dss.key1} would resolve as value1 and %{dss.key2} would resolve as value2.

Table 35. Connect (Advanced) Action Menu Fields




Enter a name for this Connect (Advanced) action.


Provide an optional description.

Previous Action

This is a read-only reference field that displays which action will happen immediately before this one in the workflow.

Next Action

Choose the action to perform next after the Connect (Advanced) Action Set has run.

Connect Action Name

Enter the name of the Connect Action Set you want to perform.


There is no search or dropdown function for this field, so ensure the Action Set name is entered correctly.

When referencing an Action Set that is not in the MAIN Connect project, ensure it is referenced by its Fully Qualified Name in the format <project>.<actionset>.

Value Pairs

Enter a value pair: data to send to RapidIdentity connect if the Action Set requires input parameters. To include more value pairs into this action, click Add Another Value Pair and populate the new field with another set.

*Connect Base URL

Enter the base URL of the RapidIdentity Connect system.


Connect Base URL, Connect Action Username, Connect Action Password, and Enable Trace are only required if Global Connect Integration settings have not been configured or if the URL and credentials required to invoke this Action Set are different.

*Connect Action Username

Enter the username credential to be used for the Connect Action Set authorization.

*Connect Action Password

Enter the password credential to be used for the Connect Action Set authorization.

*Enable Trace

Click this checkbox to enable Detailed Tracing of the Action Set.